Hannes was born in 1984 in Vöcklabruck/Upper Austria. As a child he attended Music School, learning the flute for five years. In his youth Hannes discovered the guitar as his new passion. He learned to play it mostly autodidactic and by jamming with fantastic jazz and fusion musicians. But he also enjoyed classical guitar lessons in highschool as well as electric guitar lessons in Music School. In 2007 after having performed in various bands and projects he founded SoundDiary together with Lukas and the SD-Ex-Members Raffael Schimpf, David Six and Michael Prehofer. In recent years - apart from his work with SoundDiary - he composed the score for a shortfilm together with his brother Stefan and founded "Fiaranand", an Acoustic Dialect Quartet.

       "In terms of music and composing I always felt this strong desire to bring something meaningful and new to life. Pieces of art, that would have a positive influence on the life of individuals and by association on this cruel world in general. To make it a little bit more human maybe or at least to hold a mirror up to this inhuman society we're all part of."



PRS S2 Custom 24 - Fender Classic Series ‘69 Telecaster Thinline - Epiphone Les Paul Model - Guild GAD 40 CE

FX: electro-harmonix Double Muff, Boss OS-2, VOX Tonelab ST



Marshall Valvestate 2000 AVT150