Anamnesis - Letter in a Bottle

16 November 2019

Our five-act concept album is out now.

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Anamnesis - Release show

16 September, 2019

Hi folks,

our third studio Album is about to see the light of day.
We have put much effort, time and passion inside the music and the story and a lot of talented artists have contributed to it, for which we are deeply greatful.
Now we are looking forward to celebrating the release of
"Anamnesis - Letter In A Bottle" with you.

See you on November 16th @ B72/Vienna

Cheers from yours,


From studio to stage

10 August, 2018

Dear friends,

The recording of Anamnesis is almost completed and we're just about to start with the mixing. In case you're already curious about our new compositions you can grab the chance and join our upcoming show at this year's Reindorfgassenfest which is probably one of the most exciting and pleasant street festivals in Vienna.
Gain an insight into the compositions of our upcoming Album "Anamnesis". We're looking forward to you and your families & friends.

Date: 07 September, 2018 5pm 
Admission fee: Free admission


08 May, 2017

It will be named "ANAMNESIS"
1 story
5 acts


We're taking plenty of time for the preproduction of our 3rd Album, which is going to be a conceptual one.
It's so much fun & work & pleasure to create this little universe together and to experience how the story somehow develops a life of its own.

Snippets of our Demo will be provided shortly.


Upcoming shows

16 November, 2016

We're still in the midst of the creative process of composing our third Album, which we are enjoying a lot. Finally it's time to get out of the rehearsal room again in order to play some shows for you! We're looking forward to seeing well known and new faces out there!


19 NOV 16 - Club Wakuum/Graz
02 DEC 16 - Weberknecht/Wien


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